So happy to be able to hang out with my baby again :)

Anonymous: as of today I'm going to be a vegan! this is my first time genuinely committing to it, do you have any tips? and are there any foods that you were surprised weren't vegan? what firmness of tofu is best and how do you cook it? thank you so much xx!!

Awe congrats ! i really hope it works out for you this time around. I love being vegan, it makes me genuinely happier! The only tip I can really give you is to read labels and always check online menus ahead of time when eating out. Being vegan is very simple, but remember its not only about what you eat but the clothes you wear and the products you use. I was surprised some chips, crackers, and bread weren’t vegan! I don’t remember what kind I usually buy, but its either medium firm or firm, maybe even extra firm, but I always fry it as a tofu scramble, I never eat it any other way anymore, it just tastes so much better as a scramble and I fry it on coconut oil. I hope this helps :)

Sick selfie

Anonymous: post a picture of yourself? (: how's voldy? what kind of cage do you keep him in? is it hard being home? do your uni friends know about your tumblr? how often do you drink? have you ever been to the us?

I post photos of myself daily ! i’ll probably post one later after I shower! Voldy is great! Hes gotten so big since I last saw him, I swear hes on steroids! I keep him in a regular store bought cage, its not that large but its minimum size requirement for a single guinea pig, he barely lives in his cage though, only to sleep really! None of my friends know about my tumblr, they know I have one but they don’t know what it is, I prefer it that way, although my tumblr is basically a more detailed version of my instagram! I’ve been drinking a lot lately ! i usually drink thursday to saturday, more if i’m up to it! I’m glad I’m going to get a break from drinking now that I’m home! I’ve been to the US many times, nowhere fancy, just across the border for a few hours!

Anonymous: how do you do yoga? like through an app? I wanna start doing yoga with my boy but idk how

I usually just do whatever comes to my mind, I have a good base! although there are lots of good basic videos you can find on youtube or sign up for myyogaonline, they usually offer a free two week trial and you can do all the videos as many times as you want :)! Good luck with your practice, and you’re lucky your boy wants to do it with you :)

Lol I am such a boy

We get sloppy on Thursday nights

Iced maple macchiato

Anonymous: do you miss voldemort? did you spend a lot of time with him? what kind of food do you feed him? how do you give him vitamin c? how are you doing? how's uni? what's coke like? where do you get it? you're beautiful and I hope you're happy!

I miss voldemort a lot !! But I get to see him tomorrow evening :)! I’m so excited! I give him walmart brand guineapig pellets, he really likes them! It’s fortified with vitamin c so I don’t give him any! As for me, I’m alright, haven’t been coping too well but I’m not struggling that much either, I’m heart broken by a boy I never even dated, I miss him a lot even though we still talk every other day and see eachother for a bit every other day or so. I just miss the way things were. College is great, I love it. I’m so happy I came here, I met the most amazing people. And I’m doing pretty well even though I basically skipped half of my classes after my reading break. Coke is great, it makes me talk a lot, I like the numbing feeling it gives. Idek what it’s like, I took too much last night and started tripping and seeing this huge spider climbing on my wall, it freaked me out. Then I got a huge headache, but that wasn’t only bc of the coke, I had an emotional breakdown right before. Mornings after coke I have really bad anxiety and I wake up with a racing heart. I’m pretty sure all this coke has fucked up my body, my head doesn’t feel normal today either, I’m a little scared. I get it from my boys, they’re lovely :) thank you, you’re too kind! I’m trying my hardest to be happy again :)