I'm constantly falling in love
and getting my heart broken

Its funny how much I used to not like you, and not let you drink from my waterbottle but now i’d hang out with you and hug you and have you kiss my cheek goodbye. Its nice that most of my hate has turned into friendship.

Anonymous: thank you very much! I also think the belly button is super cute and that is why it deserves a showcase :) in addition to the no-belly-button photo I guess you can get creative on how to show off how high it is! but thanks for your encouragement, and I will say again how much I like your posts and your positive attitude, and I am looking forward to all your posts in the future! <3

awe thanks so much! I could post old photos that show it off since I came across a lot today ! I try to be positive, I’m actually so negative all the time! <3333

Anonymous: Cool! What is it, I am a girl who has a high belly button and I saw that you have a high belly button too. I think it looks good on people but everyone gives me a hard time about it. So I am always interested when people have high ones. Basically, I was wondering if you could post some pics where you show off how high the belly button is. Specifically, a pic where you show all the stomach u can without the bellybutton? And maybe others. I understand if not but I think it looks great. Rock on!!!

Oh definitely! I’ll post some tomorrow! I actually didn’t know I had a high belly button until grade 12 when I got my belly button pierced and my one friend said it was really high compared to hers! And then people on tumblr commented on it but there’s nothing I can do about it, I find my belly button cute! Don’t be insecure about yours either bc it’s silly and easily concealed either way ! :)

Anonymous: I think you are pretty and your posts are awesome. I had a request and it is kind of unusual but just wanted to ask if you are up for photo recommendations? Didn't want to seem weird but I just really enjoy your tumblr activity

Awe you’re so nice! I appreciate all the love I’ve been getting, this is just what I need! And I guess ! Feel free to suggest it, if I’m not down I won’t do it but I like to keep an open mind so you never know :)


Anonymous: what is 100happydays that you're doing on your insta? how do I get started? how many calories do you eat a day? is it hard being vegan? are you regular vegan or raw vegan?

Basically you post one thing every day that makes you happy whether it be something you do or someone or even a conversation you had with someone. You can google it and sign up for it, you don’t have to sign up to do it though! You just start by posting day 1 and hope you can succeed, it’s hard when you’re so miserable but it helps you be more positive! I have no idea how many calories I eat, ever since I’ve been home I’ve been eating a lot, probably over 2000 cals but at school maybe 1000 or less it changes a lot! I either eat everything or barely anything. I think being vegan is very easy! But I’ve also been doing it for years and I’m quite dedicated, it’s not for everyone though. I’m just a regular vegan, I wish I could be raw vegan again, but it’s hard with school but I’m going to try it again soon, I quite enjoyed it but then again I love my soups!